Paradise Hot Springs

These thermal waters are naturally heated by the Arenal Volcano, so they are pure and without any chemical ingredient added. The hot springs can be of magmatic origin telluric or, in the case of Paradise, water is telluric, this means that young is water from rain seeping through the soil; this water flows at different depths acquiring, in its way, gaining minerals and temperature on contact with hot material.

These waters contain all its original minerals, about twelve different. The predominant mineral water are: chloride, sodium, magnesium and sulphates; despite this, water also presents significant amounts of calcium and bicarbonate. To enhance the beneficial properties of the thermal waters, hydro massage attractions include targeted for different muscle groups of the body.

Open Monday to Sunday – 11:00am to 10:00pm

Does not include transportation

What to wear? Change clothes after using the thermal camera, swimsuit.

Entrance to Paradise Hot Springs + 1 feeding time at a cost of $ 36 (Lunch 12:30 pm- 4:00 pm | Dinner 6: 30-8: 30pm)

To use the lockers a deposit of $ 5 is required

towels can be rented for $ 10, refundable