Hot Springs in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

We know that there is no better way to relax after a long day of work or a trip that visiting the hot springs, so we want give you some recommendations of hot springs that you can visit during your stay in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

Paradise Hot Springs

These thermal waters are naturally heated by the Arenal Volcano, so they are pure and without any chemical ingredient added. The hot springs can be of magmatic origin telluric or, in the case of Paradise, water is telluric, this means that young is water from rain seeping through the soil; this water flows at different depths acquiring, in its way, gaining minerals and temperature on contact with hot material.

paradise hot springs
paradise hot springs in the night

These waters contain all its original minerals, about twelve different. The predominant mineral water are: chloride, sodium, magnesium and sulphates; despite this, water also presents significant amounts of calcium and bicarbonate. To enhance the beneficial properties of the thermal waters, hydromassage attractions include targeted for different muscle groups of the body.

Baldi Hot Springs

Fun and pleasure

Fun, pleasure, relaxation, all in the same place, especially designed for lovers of emotion, where it goes hand in hand with its pools, waterfalls and excellent service. 25 thermal pools in the middle of the rainforest, these 25 thermal pools are filled with crystal clear waterfalls, for the use and enjoyment of visitors.

A colorful game park

While taking advantage of all the benefits of the hot springs, your children can have fun playing games and using the water slides inside the special children’s pool. The pool area includes a beautiful and colorful game park, while adults can enjoy the bowl whirlwind adventure slides right next to the children’s area.

Slides baldi hot springs

Extreme fun

Extreme adventure lovers seeking an adrenaline rush and extraordinary experiences are the perfect challenge to slide and jump through tube slides turning and curves. These Xtreme slides are fun for the whole family, since it is impossible not to laugh and share the excitement of people splashing out of the pipes.

Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park

Located 4 km west road to the Arenal volcano, just 5 minutes from Fortuna, Kalambu Hot Spring Water Park was created with the aim of offering visitors a destination extreme water fun, enjoyment and well-being for the whole family.

Ideal for families and groups of friends.

For the bravest it is the Mamut is a giant slide of 114 meters long and 12.60 meters high. In a giant raft may accommodate two persons minimum and up to 4 at a time. This attraction is designed for children age 7 and older, accompanied by an adult.

slides kalambu hot springs

The fun and excitement continue in the Triple Toboggan, where visitors will experience the speed and hard splashed in the pool when they are fired at one of the three slides: the Cyclone, the Tornado and the Avalanche, with 10.5 meters high. at a speed of 2 meters per second.

For children is Interactive, an area where children will have hours of fun exploring playgrounds at various levels will enjoy several cannons that shoot water in abundance and a giant bucket that fills with water and falls like a waterfall on children.

kids area kalambu hot springs