Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day and Friendship

Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration originally a pagan custom that has been assimilated by the Roman Catholic Church with the appointment of Valentine as the patron of lovers. It became popular in many countries, and in modern times especially in Anglo-Saxon expanding to other places from the twentieth century mainly day in which couples in love express their love and affection to each other. It is celebrated on February 14, feast day of St. Valentine. In some countries known as Valentine’s Day and in others as the day of love and friendship.


In Anglo-America around 1842, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass postcards Valentine’s, known as “valentines” with symbols like heart shape or Cupido. Also on this day is common tradition of giving roses to those people who have a special affection.

There are several theories that give this date the origin of Valentine’s Day. In the Nordic countries during this time when birds pair up and mate, hence this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation.